Rainout Guard for CPAP Machine

Rainout Guard for CPAP Machine

  • $ 29.99

Rainout Guard Patients using CPAP systems with a humidifier will almost always encounter condensation problems, known as “rainout”. Condensation generally forms on the walls of the CPAP hose because the air that is outside the hose is much cooler than the air circulating within the hose. As a result, condensation appears which can be quite uncomfortable to the patient.

Rainout Guard is an extremely useful and practical addition to any CPAP device with a heated humidifier. Besides, it can be procured at an affordable price and thus all rainout issues become a matter of the past. The Rainout Guard guarantee:

  • Improved sleep
  • Better breathing
  • Better life

Rainout Guard can be fitted to any CPAP device, and it will reduce effectively the amount of condensation building up within the tubing system and the mask.

  • Reduced moisture buildup
  • The humidified air is driven into the Rainout Guard system main chamber and then it is dispersed evenly with the help of the Graduated Platform Wicking Technology
  • With a traditional tubing system which does not have the Rainout Guard, the moisture is collected during the night, and ultimately the patient will wake up because he needs to drain the mask and eliminate the condensation. With Rainout Guard you can now enjoy an uninterrupted, comfortable sleep cycle.
  • No more water buildup problems within the mask with Rainout Guard

Rainout Guard equals comfortable humidification without condensation. The device features a tube which is 12” long and this will help making the connection of the device to the humidifier or the CPAP mask. Experts recommend replacing the Rainout Guard every 3 months to ensure best results.

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